Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Product Review: Illy Brand Coffee

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I have loved coffee since I was, I think, ten years old.  I love the smell, the taste, and all the different things you can do with it!  So, suffice it to say, Italy has been wonderful.  

I practically wept when I heard there are no Starbucks Locations in Italy, but it's truly been ok.  Every once in a while I crave my venti no classic breve iced coffee, but I'm sure it will make our reuniting ever sweeter.  

For now, I am loving the way Italians drink coffee, and one of their favorite brands is Illy.  I found out that, though it's more expensive, it actually sells in the states!  So you can have a little taste of Italy, too.

We have a can of the Illy espresso powder, and it's very good.  The best place to drink Illy is in a cafe where someone else (a professional) makes it for you.  In that regard, Illy is truly delicious.  The home espresso, though, is still phenomenal.  It has a perfect level of strength and vibrancy (oh look who's fancy now), but it doesn't have any bitter aftertastes.

Cons?  I'd say that if it's even slightly overcooked, it does tend to get a strange aftertaste, but it's not too pronounced.  Also, again, the stuff from cafe's is way better.  I think I'll be giving Illy Brand Coffee 4 out of 5 waffle stacks, and I definitely think you should try it!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Carolina Pad Weekly/Monthly Planner

When my mom was in the states a few weeks ago, she went to Target.  She knew I needed a planner for school, and so she picked up one that she thought I would like.  And boy, was she ever right!  (And no, neither of us noticed it was "Carolina" pad brand.  I just noticed as I was researching it for the review. A little coweenkeedink.)

This is the planner that I have.

It is my favorite planner.  I've had several in my 11 years of schooling, but this is by far, the best.

First, I love the pattern.  It's cute, girly, fun, and very "me."  Not to mention, every month is a different color!  On the inside, there is plenty of room for writing down events in the calender section, and several pages in which to write notes, in more detail, about each day's events.

The size is great!  Whenever I go anywhere where I might need a planner, it generally fits in my bag, most of the time.

Cons?  Well, there are pretty cheesy "helpful hints" at the top of each calender page, and I'm pretty sure I could live without those.  Also, I think the squares on the calender should be just a wee bit bigger.

Overall, then, I would give the Carolina Pad Hot Chocolate planner a 4 1/2 out of 5 waffle stacks!


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